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Tried & True 2 oz. Bottles of Original Wood Finish


*NEW* Available now, 2 oz. bottles of Original Wood Finish. These squeezable bottles are light weight and easily transportable with a secure cap to always keep your finish fresh. With our superior coverage rate, one little guy goes a LONG way!

Buy our 2 oz. bottles today from our friends at Stew-Mac!

Interested in carrying our 2 oz. bottles in your retail store? Contact us today!

Tried & True Wood Stains

wood stainsCurrently, we are hard at work in the shop developing a complete line of all-natural and environmentally friendly interior wood stains. By using a variety of natural earth pigments formulated with our polymerized linseed oil, we create an all-in-one stain and finish. We stay true to our values in keeping the finish safe and environmentally friendly, and it will allow you to make any piece of wood beautiful.

Release Date: Very soon! Any retailers or wholesalers who are interested in carrying our stains, please let us know!

*UPDATE*: The Stains are available through our retailers!