Simply the Best Way to Finish Wood

Tried and True wood finishes are made from all-natural, renewable ingredients that do not contain solvents, toxins, or heavy metal driers. Safe for food and skin contact.

Original Wood Finish

The best choice for water and liquid protection. Perfect for wood turning, cutting boards, countertops, and instruments.

What Is Tried & True Wood Finish?

Tried & True Wood Finish is an all natural, hand rubbed wood finish designed to beautify and protect all types of interior wood working. We do not use any heavy metal driers or solvents. Tried & True Wood Finishes highlight the grains of the wood while adding durable protection that lasts for years.

Check out our video below for a quick introduction of Tried & True Wood Finish

About Tried & True Wood Finishes

  • Solvent free, zero VOC’s, and no heavy metal driers

  • 100% safe for food contact surfaces

  • Superior coverage rate, up to 1000 square feet per gallon!

  • Durable and easy to repair

  • Highlights the natural beauty of the wood

  • Can be used on any interior wood work including:

Baby cribs, wooden toys
Butcher’s block, counter tops, cutting boards, wooden utensils
Windows, door frames, wood floors,
Furniture, tables, dressers, cabinets,
Wooden instruments, wooden handles, picture frames
and more!


Tried & True wood finishes combine new and old professional wood working ideas to create a safe and protective wood finish. We use 18th century, time-tested techniques and source only the best, all-natural ingredients to make our finishes safe and environmentally friendly. Perfect for any woodworking professionals as well as the do-it-yourselfer. Our Tried & True wood finishes cure to a smooth, satin sheen that highlights the natural beauty of the wood and provide long lasting protection. Our Tried & True wood finishes are easy and very economical to use – a little bit of finish goes a long way!

Tried & True offers the craftsman, the architect, the builder and the homeowner high quality wood finishes that will leave a long lasting impression on every project they touch.

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Visit our YouTube page for a quick overview and step-by-step videos of Tried & True Wood Finishes.

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