Instrument Finishes

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Among the many varieties of wood finishing applications, Tried & True can also be used to finish musical instruments. With it’s silky, satin feel, Tried & True is perfect for instruments such as guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc. Every practiced and professional musician knows the importance of touch. You develop a bond with your instrument– a connection so strong that playing with another musician’s instrument often feels strange and awkward. It is crucial for your fingers to find the right feel.

At Tried & True, we appreciate and respect that feeling. Many of us play a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and pianos. Our founder, Joe Robson, has a devoted passion for woodworking, but his love for the beauty of violins and their finishes is where his heart lies. His website for violin varnishes can be found here.


The art of instrument making begins with the wood and ends with the finish. With a project that takes this much skill and precision to construct, why hurry through the finish application with an inferior and toxic product? Since you handle it so often with your bare hands, do you want a finish that is full of toxins or a finish that is safe for skin contact and made of all natural ingredients?

Try us out on your next project to feel the difference Tried & True can make.

Interested in building your own instrument from scratch?

Check out our friends at Stewart-MacDonald. Since 1968, Stew Mac has been servicing the music world with everything from tuners and end pins to necks and fret boards. They have what you need for a wide variety of instruments and the component parts for repairs or tune-ups.

You can buy our Original Wood Finish online at Stewart MacDonald. Click here to purchase

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