Environmental Standards

Tried & True wood finishes are based in a polymerized linseed oil system. Polymerization is a naturally occurring drying process where the oil solidifies and bonds with a wooden surface. Tried & True wood finishes are composed of 100% renewable ingredients coming from trees, bees and seeds! There are no petroleum solvent thinners and no metallic driers in Tried & True wood finishes. Solvents tend to make oil-based finishes dry from the outside in, leaving a gummy undersurface. Since there are no solvents added, Tried & True finishes are 100% solids compared to industry standard of 25%. This increases the coverage rate of our products and makes them more economical to use!

Where do our ingredients come from?

All Tried & True wood finishes are made from sustainable agricultural resources. Linseed oil is a plant derived material, pressed from the seeds of the flax plant. The beeswax used in Original Wood Finish is a by-product of honey production, and varnish resin used in Varnish Oil (hardened tree sap) is a natural forest product.

How is it made?

After the impurities are removed, the linseed oils we use are polymerized or “aged”, this means they have enhanced drying properties. No petroleum distillates, or other solvents, or their derivatives are added. No heavy metal driers are used. The methods we employ are adapted from 18th to early 20th century finish making. We combine quality control, current technology and traditional formulations to enhance the properties of the natural ingredients used in Tried & True.

How is it packaged?

All Tried & True wood finishes are packaged in recyclable steel cans. Our products are food safe so these cans can go to recycling with your household products. The labels are made from recycled paper and are easily removed for recycling.

How safe is safe?

All Tried & True wood finishes comply with the product safety standards established by the FDA: “safe for food contact surfaces” (FDA 21, Sec 175.300). Beeswax and natural varnish resin are FDA approved as non-allergic and non-hazardous. Our products, or any of its ingredients, are not regulated under the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (Title 40) or the EPA Resource and Recovery Act (Title 49).

Tried & True finishes are non-flammable (note: our label should be consulted for safe disposal of wiping cloths due to spontaneous combustion). The use of these finishes in commercial applications is not regulated by OSHA. No heavy metal driers – metallic salts of cobalt and manganese could be a health risk to those who manufacture them. Fume Free – Zero VOC – no solvents or petroleum distillates are present in Tried & True wood finishes therefore, there are no compromises in environmental impact, worker health, safety, or indoor air quality.