About Us

Why use Tried & True?

  • 100% Solvent free & Zero VOC’s
  • Safe for food contact
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Superior Coverage Rate– up to 1000 square feet per gallon!

What projects are ideal for Tried & True?

  • Antique Furniture
  • All interior wood work (doors, windows, floors, countertops, ect.)
  • Children’s furniture, baby cribs, & toys
  • Butcher’s block and cutting boards
  • Wooden instruments

What to expect from Tried & True?

  • Silky, satin sheen that is meant to highlight and beautify the grains of the wood.
  • Safe product, great for people with chemical sensitivity.
  • Easy to repair and maintain

The Seeds (Danish Oil)
The Bees (Original Wood Finish)
The Trees (Varnish Oil)

Made for those who build their projects with care. Let the finish highlight YOUR hard work!