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For all those who are interested in learning more about Tried & True wood finishes or woodworking in general

check out some of these links for some helpful resources.

Food Safe Wood Finish Tried and True Linseed Oil and Bees Wax

We here at Tried + True have been meaning to add this link to our site for quite some time.

It is an excellent article and instructional by wood-turner Kent Weakley from his website

Although the article is geared towards a turning specific application, his methods and tips can be applied to many other types of projects and is worth a read for anybody interested in chemical/solvent free wood finishing techniques.


Here is an easy step-by-step guide on using varnish oil. It was put

together by Colin MacDonald, who uses Tried & True wood finishes.

It is very clean and clear, and perfect for anyone who is having application issues.


 Darbin Orvar, professional woodworker, uses our

Tried & True wood finishes in this video:

Making a Sheet Music Box (finished with Tried & True Original Wood Finish)

She also writes a very interesting article about durability with varnish oil.

-You can find that here.

For more of Darbin’s work, check out her website here or

go to Darbin’s youtube channel for more woodworking tips!


The Knotty Moose, a professional

woodworker, writes very good article on switching from

harsh solvent-based finishes to an all natural product.

grouped chairs cropped

Marc Spagnuolo, or as many of you know him,
The Wood Whisperer, designed a walnut rocker and finished it with
Tried & True Varnish Oil and Original Wood Finish. His
video shows the full assembly from the beginning to the final coat
of finish.

He has the full video online here for purchase.

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