The Tried & True wood finishes are environmentally-friendly products with all natural ingredients that are safe and easy to apply. Instead of a high glossy look as seen with most conventional wood finishes, it will cure to a beautiful satin sheen that is meant to highlight the natural beauty and grains of the wood, similar to old shaker and antique wood furniture.

Tried & True wood finishes are longer lasting, durable and present no risk to your health because there are no solvents or metallic driers used. All of our products give second-to-none performance over prepared or unprepared surfaces to provide a deep and natural finish.

Our products are formulated in a polymerized linseed oil system. Polymerization is the drying process that the oil goes through (naturally) as it turns from a liquid to a solid and crosslinks with a wooden surface. In addition to the environmental benefits of using renewable-based ingredients, Tried & True wood finishes also benefit from what is left out: no petroleum solvent additives to thin out the linseed oil and no metallic driers which commonly make a finish dry from the outside in, leaving a gummy undersurface.