McKinleyville Middle School Woodshop Projects

McKinleyville Middle School was searching for an environmental wood finish to educate their students on proper woodworking and finishing techniques. Tried & True thought this was a great initiative and we donated products to make sure the young adults were using a safe finish that would highlight the beauty of their hard work. They were kind enough to send photos of their projects back to us.

Jasmine, 8th grade, is using our Original Wood Finish on her curly grain redwood bowl. She picked the right finish for wood turning! The resulting satin sheen is smooth to the touch and will protect the bowl from water or other liquids.

Owen, 7th grade, is using some of our Danish Oil on his walnut bowl. The Danish Oil has a beautiful effect on walnut and will allow the grains to pop out without muddying the surface or making it too dark.

Keep up the good woodworking McKinleyville Middle School!